Happy New Year!

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that 2017 is treating you well. I’ve got some new and exciting things to share with you so lets get to it!

Firstly I thought I’d update you guys on my doll plan for 2017. I’ve got a lot of current projects as well as some future projects I hope to tackle this year. I recently sold my LUTS Kid Delf Cherry and my LUTS Unicorn Bory head. Selling Cherry was a really hard decision for me but I knew I wanted Ofelia’s character to be a complete fairy. I was limited to my story with her because the sculpt I had shelled her in and I was torn because she was my first doll and she’s been through so many different transformations in order to bond with her and I finally found a character that stuck and meant  something and in the end I still wound up selling her. My decision was based on Luts’ Elf Cherry sculpt and my need for a more mature body. I decided that I’d reshell Ofelia with the Elf Cherry head on the Romantic body so that she’d be better suited next to Kieran her fairy lover. So hopefully I’ll be able to order her this year as well as finally get her outfit commissioned.

Which brings me to my next dolly plan. I really liked the romantic half eyed Bory head for Kieran and when I saw the unicorn Bory head I knew that that was the head I really wanted. I made  a post a while back about how I found someone selling the head in light tan skin on DOA and I did a box opening for his arrival. My problem came when I was trying to find a body for him. I couldn’t seem to find anyone selling a light tan body from LUTS from around 2014. I was worried buying a body new since there was a possibility the resin batches wouldn’t match or he had yellowed at some point. I also felt the light tan skin was just a bit too dark for what I had in mind. That’s when LUTS’ winter event came around and they released a new Dark Warriors Bory sculpt whose Romantic Elf head looks exactly the same as the Unicorn Bory minus the horn. So I opened a split for his full set since I was only interested in the doll and I ordered him in brown skin. I’m really excited for him to come home because not only is her the first Full Set doll I’ve ordered, he’s also my first boy doll. I’ve also never ordered during an event before so I’ll be getting the event head (although I’ve already made plans to sell him orz). So my plans for Kieran are to commission his outfit and possibly a set of wings.

I also have some minor dolly updates. Elodie, my Fairyland 2010 Juri is finally getting her antlers. I commissioned Sparrow’s Shop on etsy for them and I’m so so so excited to receive them. I will definitely do a box opening when they come in. I’m also hoping to commissioner her in the future for Kumiko’s ears and tail. I’m hoping I can talk to her about doing a Ninetails set for her so we’ll see.

I would also really like to shell my witch character at some point this year. Her name is Celeste Blackwood and she’s a pastel goth witch with a knack for gardening. I want a Tan skin minifee Celine for her and I haven’t decided what body I want her on. I like the cuteness of the moe body but I love the intuitiveness of the fairyline body, plus it’d be fun to have interchangeable parts if the need ever arose but maybe I’ll save that for another doll. This is the first time I’ve had a character before I bought the doll so I keep seeing things for her and getting attached to her character so I’m hoping to have her apart of my collection at some point.

Aside from doll plans and projects I really want to find more ways to immerse myself in this hobby. I’ve felt very disconnected from the cosplay community for a long time and I don’t find as much joy and creativity in it as I do bjds. Along with really getting serious about faceups, I REALLY want to start up a youtube channel. I would have done this a while ago but I don’t have a quality camera for videos. I’m hoping to sell my current DSLR and update it with one that has video functionality so that I can use it to record as well as doll photography. I really find the bjd community on youtube is genuine and there are so many inspiring people on there that I’d love to connect with and I want to share more of my doll life with people in general so I felt that joining youtube was a really good way to do that.

2017 is hopefully going to be a productive year not just within the bjd community but in my regular life as well since this is my graduating year and I’ll be pursuing my career and moving forward in my adult life. I hope that everyone has lots of plans for their 2017 too and that this year is full of exciting and memorable moments!



2016 Recap

So I thought that I would re cap the 2016 resolutions I made last year, to see what resolutions I kept and what resolutions changed/I didn’t meet, since my doll plans definitely changed!

– Name my fairy prince
I did this, he is now named Kieran!

– Buy said prince a body
I kinda did this. LUTS released their winter event recently and one of the dolls is a Youth in Dark Warriors Bory Limited set, and they one head is exactly the same as the unicorn Bory head I have, just without the horn. I had wanted this sculpt in Brown skin but i found the head second hand offered in light tan skin. So when LUTS released this fullset I kind of decided that I would buy the doll in brown skin and get the body too, and as a result sell the Bory head that I already have. So that happened and Kieran is going to be a new but still the same sculpt 😀

– Sew Kumiko her hakama and celestial kimono
Half did this. I sewed a really crap hakama and I plan on remaking it out of better fabric but it did get sewn. Her celestial kimono hasn’t happened yet but I did pick up a cute kimono from Doll North this year that she wears 😀

– Sew/commission Ofelia’s fairy garb
I started this but then I was having second thoughts on the style choices and then my thoughts on the doll changed. So I’m in the process of selling Ofelia to upgrade her to a Elf Cherry head on a romantic body. So still the same sculpt per say, just a bit of an upgrade (and a bob job)

– Build Kumiko a diorama
This didn’t happen unfortunately so hopefully I can accomplish this next year.

– Learn how to use my airbrush
This also didn’t happen T.T … NEXT YEAR

– Attend a doll meet
This might still happen, there’s one I want to go to on the 18th of this month so as long as I’m not working I can go!

– Attend Doll North
I did this, as stated above. I didn’t do panels really since I was selling art in the artist alley, just participated in the raffel and the marketplace

– Practice more photography and maybe do some on location shoots
Um well I practiced but I don’t feel as much as what this resolution was intending. Also no location shoots.

So something that happened that I hadn’t intended on was I found one of my grail dolls on the DoA marketplace this year. She’s a Juri2010 head on an A-line minifee body and I’ve never been more in love with a doll in my life, she’s just so perfect I love her so much. I don’t have a story for her yet but she does have a character and I hope that if fairyland ever releases a doll with faun legs I definitely want them for her.

So there’s my 2016 recap. I’ll definitely write a blog about my 2017 resolutions and my doll plans for the new year so be on the lookout for that!

Meet Elodie!

Hey guys!

So I have some excited updates for you. Back in Spetember I found someone on the DOA marketplace selling a Juri10 head on an active line Minifee body. After some back and forth, I put her on a three month layaway. My birthday is in October and I ended up getting money from my parents and my aunt so I was able to pay off the rest of my layaway. She arrived on October 24th, which is a little funny because the same day five years ago I received my first bjd; Ofelia, who at the time was named Penelope.

Since the layaway I had purchased a bunch of clothing and accessories off of the DoA marketplace, etsy and ebay. Slowly things have been coming in the mail and most of the things arrived before Elodie came to me so it was nice to have clothes waiting for her when she came home.

I didn’t really do a box opening video, my friend did a livestream of the opening on her facebook. She came to me unstrung so I had to learn how to string a minifee in about ten minutes. It was pretty straight forward but the extra hip parts confused me a bit. Youtube helped quite a bit.

I planned for her to have two different colored eyes, one brown, one aqua. I placed an order through Luts since I fell in love with their tiny delf witch outfit they had for pre order. The package from Luts came at the same time as Elodie so I was able to try out her eyes. Unfortunately the brown eyes iris is much bigger than the aqua ones so they look really awkward together. I think I might try Mako Eyes next but for now the aqua ones look really cute. Her faceup was done by TityTeetee, which was commissioned by her previous owner. I haven’t decided whether I want to wipe it or keep it.

My plan for Elodie is heavily inspired by Mori-Kei or Mori Girl Fashion. I want her to be a sort of forest guardian. She’ll have antlers which I plan on commissioning when Sparrow’s Shop opens her commission slots for next month. I want something like this for her:


Right now the clothing I have isn’t really considered mori-kei, I need to work my way up to a proper wardrobe. Plus some of the items I purchased for her don’t fit her style since I originally wanted her to be more fairy-kei.


For now Elodie will have a more casual look until I can purchase some more mori style clothing. Since I made quite a few purchases on etsy I though my next couple blog posts could be reviews of the shops I bought from. I’m also hoping to take Elodie outside to the forest near my apartment so I can get some cute fall shots before the weather gets too cold.

Keep an eye out for my updates!

Sorry for Disappearing…

So I’ve been really… REALLY inactive on here and I apologize for that. A lot happened since my last blog post and there’s probably too much to even explain here in a way that won’t completely more people. School started up again so I’ve been balancing my fourth year thesis film and work, so when I’m finally able to relax I don’t think about blogging.

I had planned to share some box openings of some tea and bento hauls but I forgot. I might do a review on the bento purchases at some point since I have used all of the items I purchased.

In doll related news I put my very first Fairyland Doll on layaway. She’s a 2010 Juri Event head on an Active Line Minifee Body with a Large Bust. I recently also purchased some spare hands from a DoA seller which came in the mail. I’ve been immersing myself in as many etsy sellers I can find, shopping for clothes for her. I made a couple purchases so far so when those items come in I’ll do some reviews. I’ve also put in an order at For my Doll for some eyelashes so I now have eyelashes available for my faceups. I still need to get a body for Kieran though…. I’m a bad doll owner

On the topic of faceups, the weather has finally decided to be not so humid (Ontario is cursed with Humid summers) so I wiped all my dolls clean and I’ll hopefully be revamping them when I have a spare day. I’m also going to revamp my commission section too and add some new promotions.

This past summer I participated in Anime North’s Artist Alley and I’ve been accepted into the artist alley at Unplugged Expo from Oct 15-16. I’ve also applied to Frost Con but I have yet to hear back. I’m hoping that whatever I make at Unplugged I can put towards the rest of my layaway for my Juri.

I’ve been really thinking about getting into vlogging since I really enjoy watching BJD vloggers and I’ve asked for a camcorder for my birthday so hopefully that might be a possibility for the future. I want to make more friends in the BJD community and I feel that Youtube is a fairly decent outlet in doing so. There are a lot of people on youtube that I look up to and enjoy seeing their dolls so I hope that I can bring that sort of joy to other people. Also I made an instagram specifically for my dolls so I’ll link that here when there’s actually something on it (there are not posts as of yet lol)

I’ve also got a few figures pre-ordered that are releasing in the next few months so expect a load of unboxing posts in the future 😛


Figure Review: Odin Sphere – Cornelius – Velvet – 1/8 (Alter)

Hey everyone, it’s been a while. School finally ended and I have a chance to blog a little bit more. May is going to be a busy month for me with Anime North coming up. I have to prepare for the Artist Alley and I still need to finish my cosplays.

Speaking of which, one of my cosplays is Velvet from Odin Sphere and I had preordered her new figure for the re-release of the game back when her preorder came out and I just received her in the mail today. This was my first time ordering through amiami and I was really impressed how fast they shipped everything out and how quickly they cleared my payment and everything so I will definitely buy from them again. I ordered the Cordelia Fire Emblem figure through them as well so hopefully all goes well for her when she’s ready to come home.. I saw the attempted delivery notification this morning but I had to wait till later in the evening to make sure she was at the post office (If I go too early the delivery truck hasn’t returned yet). Ended up getting dinged with a $40 customs fee, which surprised me. I’ve never paid customs on anything I’ve ever ordered over seas, especially since BJDs cost so much more than this figure I wasn’t expecting having to pay but OH WELL…

Aside from that, I’m so so happy I ordered her. Honestly guys she so gorgeous, I was freaking out so bad when I pulled her out of the box. Before I get into the review I want to let you in on a little insight to this purchase. Odin Sphere is one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. Back when I was a kid a didn’t grow up with play station or x-box and I only had Nintendo game consoles, so I never got to play this game until this past year when I bought a remastered version on PSN for play station 3. That being said I found this game through watching game walkthroughs on YouTube. I instantly fell in love with the look of the game and was really drawn to the character Velvet. Her story was really heartbreaking and I just loved her design the minute I saw it. I’ve wanted her first figure since I first saw it but was too leery of buying a knockoff or bootleg so I put off making any online purchases for her, plus I was never really into collecting figures and I only recently started collecting nendoroids. So when I saw this beauty announced I told myself I’d buy her no matter what. It would have been nice to purchase all three figures from this collection but I’m a broke college student and even this figure stretched my wallet farther than I felt comfortable with but I had to have her. She shipped last Friday and I’m really excited to be bringing her home today. So let’s open the box!


Address blurred for safety. The box was initially a lot bigger than I expected. (This was my first scale figure so I wasn’t sure what to expect in the first place. The box was also lighter than I anticipated. When I opened it there was a cute post card thank you note lying on top of a bunch of paper. The picture’s really cute so I’ll probably stick it on my wall somewhere.


When I got her out of the box I was dying, she looked so pretty even through all the plastic. The box has a nice velvety matte feel and has really pretty picture art on it. The box looks like any regular figure box to me with the side windows and everything so I don’t really have anything to say about it.



I took my a while to get everything out of the box, there was a lot of random packaging and tape. It was fairly simple to put together, there’s two metal rods sticking out of the base that insert into the foot of each figure. I had a hard to getting Cornelius in  all the way, though I could have just been too careful because I was afraid of breaking him. His sword came apart to slide in between his hand and then connect again. I was surprised at the material this figure was made of, but it makes sense why it was lighter than I though. I was expecting more of a solid harder figure where this is more like the material of my nendoroid and is a lot more flexible and bendy, so attaching his sword was interesting because I hand to slightly bend his hands to align them for the handle of the sword to fit through. It took me a while to figure out how to wrap velvet’s psypher around her but once I had in place it just sat there all nice and stuff.

The detail on the figure blew me away, it’s honestly so beautiful. I know Alter is known for making really nice figures so I’m super pleased. I kind of wish you could see Cornelius’s face from the front as well instead of him facing away, and I feel like he was more of an after though since it looks like they put a lot more effot into Velvet’s design but all in all I really like looking at it and I’m really pleased with everything and amiami was super awesome to order from so thanks amiami!

Anyways that’s it guys. Hopefully I’ll have some more updates soon!

Where have I been?

Things got busy there for a little bit so I have some really big and slightly random updates.

First off there’s a new faceup promo for the time being. I really want to try my hand at more cartoony and stylized faceups so I’m offering 50% off on all anthro and anime style sculpts

School’s been super hectic with film stuff since the semester is almost over and we’re at major crunch time now. Unfortunately it doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to focus on my other hobbies and when I get home I don’t really feel like playing with my dolls or doing photography or art.

I also just started a new job at a children’s clothing store and I haven’t been able to do much else between school work and regular work. I’m trying to put art prints together in case I get a table for Anime North this year. I’m also debating on going to Yeticon in June so we’ll see how that goes.

However before all this happened I was finally able to sew Kumiko her Hakama and make a couple ofuda for her to carry. When I get the chance to upload the pictures I took off my camera I’ll add them here and on her page. She still needs eyelashes but all the ones I have are way too big so I need to shop for doll size lashes.

I also went on a bit of a spending spree on non doll related stuff. I purchased a bunch of stuff to pack bentos and I got some more tea stuff. I forgot how much I liked alpine punch. I’ll try to do a review post on the bento purchases I made and hopefully be more active with updates.

Liebster Award

So I was tagged by Ide of resintea for the Leibster award. I think it’s a cool idea and I’m excited to answer the questions they asked. I don’t really follow a lot of blogs so I’m going to leave this open to anyone to answer if they choose to. Thank you Ide for nominating me 😀

The rules:

  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. List these rules in your post.
  7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

The questions (by Ide): 

  1. When and how did you discover the hobby?

    I discovered BJDs back in about 2007/08. If I remember correctly it was an article in Shoujo Beat magazine that was about asian ball jointed dolls and from there I started researching about the dolls, looking up doll companies and all that fun stuff. I didn’t get my first doll till 2011 though.
  2. What made you stay?

    Um well, I’m not sure. I’ve always collected dolls (Bratz, Barbies, Polly Pockets, Winx etc). Back when I found out about the hobby I was in highschool and I didn’t have a job so these dolls were just pretty pictures I saved on my computer to draw from. I never really lost interest but it wasn’t a big focus of mine until July of 2011 when I won a DIM Eileen at Ai-kon in Winnipeg. A few months later I got my first doll (LUTS Kid Delf Cherry) and she went through some major major changes. I liked the idea of her being a normal human looking character but I couldn’t choose a style for her, nothing stuck. For a while she sat naked and blank on my shelf.
    It wasn’t until last year that I really started developing her character as I got interested in fairies again after reading a Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. I suddenly felt this click that my doll needed to be a fairy and from there her character grew into who she is now. Revamping her really helped me get more active in the hobby, and now I have two dolls and a floating head. I don’t think I ever really left the hobby per say, since I would still browse doll sites all the time, but more inactive than anything else. I think though the creativity and the beauty of the whole hobby is what intrigued me in the first place and that’s what made me stay if anything else.

  3. How do you feel about the aging of BJDs (yellowing etc.)?

    I don’t mind the thought of my dolls yellowing. I don’t leave them in direct sunlight but I don’t store them in the dark either. Ofelia’s arms, hands, lower legs and head are a lot creamier than the rest of her and I don’t mind. I think yellowing is just a natural thing that occurs and since it’s not really physical damage to my dolls it’s not something I really pay attention to.

  4. Do your dolls have a common “theme” ( a common backstory, certain types of clothes etc.)?

    When I first got into this hobby I really wanted human characters, but now all my dolls have some sort of folklore or fantasy background. Ofelia and Kieran are both Fae and Kumiko is a Kitsune Diety who runs an Inn for travelling spirits/youkai. Ofelia and Kieran have a more earthy fantasy clothing style, like a mix of something elven made with organic materials, leaves vines, petals etc. Kumiko’s regular attire is a hakama and her celestial garb is more of a wedding style kimono.

  5. Do you prefer fullsets or customizing and why?

    In terms of fullsets from companies over buying a blank doll, I like both. I haven’t purchased a fullset but there are definitely some that I would like to own. If I have a character in mind for a doll I’d most likely go the customizing route since it’s more difficult finding a fullset that would match my character completely.
    On the subject of whether my dolls have one default outfit as a fullset or have multiple customize-able pieces I prefer customizing since I tend to get bored of my doll wearing the same outfit everyday. I find dressing my dolls very relaxing so it’s something I have fun doing with them.

  6. If you do customize, what is your favorite thing to shop for (i.e. wig, eyes etc.)? If you prefer fullsets, do you shop for props or similar things for you dolls?

    Wigs and eyes…. I never thought I’d be one to have a collection of eyes and wigs but somehow it keeps growing. Ofelia has four wigs, two of which don’t suit her character anymore but I want to keep them for future dolls. I also keep getting sparkly eyes… even if they don’t fit my character I’ve found myself just collecting them.

  7. Do you prefer certain size BJDs (YoSD, MSD, SD etc.) and why?

    I think I have a preference for MSD. I’ve never owned an SD and I’ve had both MSD, YoSD and a tiny and I think for me the most fun size is MSD. I find them comfortable to carry, easier to customize and all around think they’re a good size with a good amount of detail. I personally feel SDs are too large for me however I wouldn’t put off buying one in the future if I found a sculpt that really spoke to me (looking at you Feeple60 Lunnula…)

  8. Where do you find names for your dolls (if you name them at all)?

    I try to find names with specific origins or meanings that suit my doll’s background or personality, but I will disregard that if I find a name that really suit my dolls character regardless of it’s meaning. I usually look on 20000-names for inspiration since they have so many categories.
    Ofelia means help and the meaning really has nothing to do with her story or personality but the name stuck.
    Kieran took me a long LONG time to name. I kept trying to find a Irish/Gaelic name that meant something of royal status but all the names I found just didn’t do it for me. I came across the name Kieran looking at Fire Emblem characters, looked it up and found out it was an Irish name that meant black. I wasn’t really fond of the meaning, so I kept looking. A name related to Kieran was Tieran which is irish for Lord but when I went back and forth between the names I felt like Kieran was a better fit.
    Kumiko means something close to eternally beautiful child in Japanese so being as she is a beautiful diety that lives forever I thought it was a good fit.

  9. Where do you display/store your dolls?

    When I just had Ofelia she sat on my book shelf or my computer desk. Now that I have my other dolls (as well as nendoroids) I display them on a shelf on my wall specifically for my collectables.

  10. What would you like to see created/improved on by doll companies/artists?

    I like to see unlimited fantasy doll and more fantasy style clothing available instead of having limited sets. I find it’s really hard to find anything other than sculpts with elf ears that are readily available. I think having more fantasy creatures in general would be cool, I see a lot of elves, centaurs and vampires but I think it would be neat to see a half snake or a harpy. Also mermaids, always more mermaids.
    Not sure what companies could improve on since I think there’s a company out there for everyone in terms of aesthetic and posing and what not.

  11. Do you see the BJD community (online or IRL) as a significant part of your hobbying?

    I didn’t in the past but I definitely do now. I feel like the online community as helped me stay active, especially with discussions and the second hand market. I’m creeping the market place on DOA probably three times a day lol! I find the discussions and facebook groups really help me feel connected in the hobby since I don’t know many people around me that collect BJDs

So those are my answers. Hopefully they weren’t too long and I hope they made sense. As for the questions I have for everybody:

  1. Do you have a favorite company and if so, what about that company do you like?
  2. What is you’re biggest pet peeve in the hobby?
  3. Have you learned any skills from being in this hobby (sewing, wig making etc)?
  4. What sort of aesthetic do you prefer when it comes to dolls?
  5. How long have you been in the hobby for and what about the hobby interested you in joining?
  6. What is your favorite wig/eye color for your dolls?
  7. Do any of your dolls relate to fantasy or magic? If not would you ever have a doll that was fantasy based in the future?
  8. If you had to pick your favorite fantasy sculpt, what would it be?
  9. Do you prefer company faceups, custom faceups from another artists or doing the faceups yourselves.
  10. Do you have a gender preference with your dolls? If yes what about that gender do you enjoy the most?
  11. Are your dolls based of characters that you’ve created or simply for aesthetic appeal

Thanks again to Ide for the nomination and thank you for reading!